Kennel Free Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

Bring your dog to K-9 Kingdom’s KENNEL-FREE Overnight Boarding Facility

Overnight boarding at K-9 Kingdom is like a big slumber party for your dog and their friends. We will pamper and play with your pet so they enjoy their kennel-free boarding experience. At night, they sleep on their choice of a toddler car bed or a cot, wherever they choose, in the company of our caring staff member all night long.  They will never be in a kennel or left alone in the building. Our boarding is their home-away-from-home while you are away. Sure, your dog misses you when they’re boarding, but we make sure they have a great time and we think they miss us and their friends when you come pick them up and take them home.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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$50 / overnight, includes dog daycare
$40 / overnight for add’l dogs in same family
All fees are due at checkout time

Dogs sleeping on a car bed
Dog resting on a car bed