Overnight Caretaker

Position: Overnight Caretaker

Location: K-9 Kingdom, 26700 Highland Rd, Richmond Heights, OH 44143

An Overnight Caretaker is responsible for the safety of our dog pack and providing excellent customer service to our pet parents.

What will I be doing?

Specifically, you would be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • Managing our overnight dog pack for their safety.  This includes taking preventive action before problems arise between dogs, separating dogs as needed, using appropriate intervention measures to prevent and stop scuffles.
  • Cleaning our indoor/outdoor facilities which involve vacuuming, mopping, hosing, pump spraying, and immediate poop pickup.
  • Feeding dogs their meals and medications, then documenting in a log for each dog.
  • Interacting pleasantly with customers in the lobby, including gathering details of the dog’s stay at check-in and processing payments at check-out.  Very few dogs will come in and leave during this shift, but you do need to know how to do all the necessary tasks.
  • Taking customer phone calls, including setting up trials for new clients, making reservations for existing clients, and answering general questions.
  • Photographing dogs according to our social media specifications.
  • Handling first-aid for dogs and humans.

What are we looking for?

Since being founded in 2003, K-9 Kingdom has been a local business focused on being a kennel-free facility where dogs can be dogs, a wonderland for dogs.  Our team members work together to care for our pack 24/7.  We look for demonstration of these key attributes:

  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Proactive communication, verbal and written
  • Teamwork and dependability
  • Productivity and urgency
  • Customer focus and Integrity
  • Adaptability and creativity

What will it be like to work at K-9 Kingdom?

Dog behavior can be unpredictable.  While we have trials for all new clients, issues can arise as dogs age and temperaments can change depending on the length of the dog’s stay.  You should expect that you will have minor bumps and bruises and scratches from claws.  In some cases serious injuries can arise, including but not limited to, broken nose, joint injuries, slip and fall, trip and fall, and dog bites.

We use a lot of water, you may douse yourself with a hose, spill water bowls, or have your feet peed on.

Dogs bark.  Dogs howl.  This can make it very difficult to communicate with coworkers or take phone calls.

However, with all that, we still love working here because we love dogs and are rewarded with unlimited tail wags.

Physical demands involve bending over multiple times a day (poop pickup and using the washer and dryer for laundry), walking around, moving through doorways without letting dogs through, carrying large water bowls and moving beds & cots, winding up a hose, mopping and vacuuming, etc. 

Mental/emotional demands involve problem solving to make sure the dogs are safe and happy throughout the day, not getting frustrated when dogs don’t behave or do what you want, balancing the needs of human customers with the dogs you are caretaking, calculating costs, alphabetizing files, etc.

Pay: $11.00/hr

Hours: each night is a 10-hour shift

Schedule is subject to change based on business need.

Irregular schedule, weekends, daytime hours may be needed as you progress through your career.


  • Reliable transportation.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Employment eligibility in the United States.  Individuals aged 14-17 years old must obtain a work permit from their school district to work which school is in session and a parent signature.